I wanted to say thank you for being the answer to many long years of trying to get the correct diagnosis for my daughter, who is now 19. I called you a year or so ago for yet another dietetic approach to my daughters food allergy issues and protein needs due to her sugar sensitivities. You began to ask me questions and realized she didn't need another dietetic approach, but to check for a different kind of diagnosis. Probably even before puberty she had some sort of sensitivity to sugar but all the docs ignored it. After gaining a lot of weight all those years on a very low caloric diet, having terrible acne, sugar highs and lows, anxiety etc...YOU finally were the one to recommend we get her checked for PCOS once again. You were so comforting to me over the phone. We were at our wits end and you were so calm, reassuring, and helped me get to the right person for her diagnosis. She is now off her thyroid meds, her acne is completely gone, and her weight has dropped, and she is a confident college student. All this is because you took my phone call and took the time to listen. We will thank you forever for your knowledge and compassion!

~LW, Atlanta, GA

She started her cycle based on the weight goal you set.  Another success story!  What we loved about you is that you made it low stress and she never felt something was wrong.  Your calm attitude and matter of fact way that you explained everything to her was just wonderful!  Thank you!!
~AF, Atlanta, GA

My twin eleven year olds struggled through elementary school with their weight.  They were acutely aware that their friends were much thinner.  By fifth grade, the dressing room was a tearful experience and my girls' self-esteem was suffering.  I asked my pediatrician for the name of a GOOD nutritionist that could help my girls.  This is how we found Bailey...she helped my girls learn portion contol and good food choices, encouraged them to get active every day, and kept them on track via follow-ups through email and in person.  The girls have easily adapted to healthy eating and eating the right amount for them, and don't even think what we now eat is any less delicious!  The fitting room this season was a fun experience for them and their self-esteem is being restored.  Thank you, Bailey!

~D. Speed, Marietta GA

What is more important than your child's health?  With obesity on the rise in this country, our family decided to do something about it instead of becoming another statistic.  I contacted Bailey Koch to assist our nine year old daughter gain an understanding of her nutritional needs.  She had a one on one discussion with us.  We designed an eating plan together that everyone was happy with.  We thought this was the best approach for our family.  Our daughter has reached her goal weight within five months of our first meeting.  She is very happy with herself and has lots more energy than before.Thanks Bailey!

~K. Bowen, Alpharetta GA

It was a pleasure working with Bailey Koch.  After realizing my son had amilk allergy, I was concerned about his diet and how he would be able to get the important nutrients that young children get from milk products.  After  meeting with Bailey, I felt so much better about the direction I had to take with his diet.  She helped me with a specific plan and growth goal for my child.  Thanks to Bailey's help in finding alternate sources of calcium and Vitamin D, my son has shown great improvement in his growth and he is happy with his diet!  I highly recommend Atlanta Pediatric Nutrition!"
~D. Lingerfelt, Tucker GA 

We saw Bailey for the first time last year to get help for our 5 year old child.  Bailey was very friendly, non judgemental (unlike some of the pediatricians I had seen) and put us and our child at ease almost immediately.  Our child responded very positively and looked forward to seeing her again for our follow-up.  The plan Bailey has laid out for our child is simple and manageable.  Instead of our child "dieting" she has simply made a life style change- one that can be maintained over a lifetime.  Our daughter has more energy, makes better food choices and is on her way to a healthier childhood.  As a result of these changes, my whole family has lost weight and adopted a new healthier lifestyle.  Thank you SO much!!!
~ K. Ligozio, Kennesaw GA

...You helped me with my daughter a few yrs ago, who'd recently been diagnosed as sensory integration disorder. Your helpful tips, patience and encouragement did a lot to help me feel more comfortable as  a mom to get the nutrition into my daughter she needed. I just wanted to say thank you.  Today, after a few years of various therapies, she has learned to cope with many things that were obstacles to her every day life. Now, they're "easy peasy" as she says. She is no longer a tiny little thing....
~M. Keeton, Atlanta, GA

...I recently had bloodwork done for myself and had the BEST outcome in a very long time.  I gave credit to you and our efforts to help our son lead a healthier life as contributing factors.  It is helping keep us all more honest about what we eat around here...
~P. Kimmel, Atlanta, GA

Our son had poor eating habits and his weight was heading in the wrong direction.  He was approaching the age and stage at which his friends would start making fun of him.  We took him to see Bailey Koch at Atlanta Pediatric Nutrition, and it has changed all of our lives.  We learned how to eat healthier without starving, with a few simple rules that our son (and both of his parents) easily understood and could follow.  Andrew quickly became his own healthy diet policeman.  Since our first visit less than 6 months ago, our son's weight and BMI have improved dramatically and are now on a healthy trajectory, one that is likely to continue the rest of his childhood, if not life.  He has learned to eat many new, much healthier foods, and is happy, healthy, and  trim.  We could not have done it without the excellent guidance and encouragement from Bailey.  We highly recommend her if you have even the slightest concern about your children's eating habits and weight; and even if you don't!  The results have been astounding!
~Lisa and Michael Rovinsky, Atlanta, GA

"I wanted to share the good news....her recent bloodwork:
Former total cholesterol was 233, current is 166
Former triglycerides were 534, current is 83
Former HDL was 32, current is 50
All her other numbers were great and the doctor was just amazed at the turn around.  We told him how instrumental your setting us on the right path was..."
~ C. Jacobs, Atlanta, GA