Atlanta Pediatric Nutrition, Inc.


Patient Centered Approach

The goal of Atlanta Pediatric Nutrition is to create, build and manage nutrition plans for our patients.  We provide comprehensive nutrition assessment, creating plans that best meet our patients' needs and lifestyles.  We offer continued care through follow-up and quick responsiveness to needs/questions that may arise between follow-up visits.  We are committed to the idea that our single most important purpose is to serve the nutrition needs of our patients and their families through unparalleled personal service.

Services Provided:

  • One-on-one counseling
  • Phone Consults
  • Computerized Diet Analysis
  • Grocery Store Tours
  • Community presentations

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Areas of Expertise:

     -Failure to Thrive

     -Poor Weight Gain

     -Feeding Issues

     -Picky Eaters

     -Disordered Eating

     -Gluten-Free Diet, Celiac Disease

     -Food Allergy/Intolerances

     -Eosinophilic Esophagitis

    -Ketogenic Diet
    -Mitochondrial Diseases

    -Prader Willi Syndrome
    -Sports Nutrition

    -Vegetarian Nutrition

     -Weight Management

     -Nutrition Management of Gastrointestinal Issues such as:

             Irritable Bowel Disease, Chronic Constipation, Reflux

     -Follow-up Nutrition Needs of the Premature Infant

     -Nutrition Care for Developmentally Delayed Children

     -Management of Nutrition Support, including Tube   

             Feedings and Homebrews 
     -Normal Nutrition for Infants through Adolescents

Why we do what we do?
We believe...

  • That nutrition is an integral part of a child's growth and development.
  • Poor diet is an increasing epidemic affecting today's society.
  • There are a lot of medical issues that can be managed through diet.
  • Pediatric nutrition is vastly different from adult nutrition.  It is important for a dietitian working with kids to have a pediatric background in order to be effective.